2015 Holiday Tour

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Its my first Holiday Tour and I am so excited to share it with you. Today I spent the day in my comfy clothes wrapping gifts and snapping pics of my Christmas decor to share with you. I am pretty much done wrapping except for sants’s gifts of course which need to be wrapped in different paper because the girls are getting older and smarter about this whole santa thing. UGH!!! At least most of the work is behind me which means now I can focus and really take in the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Which so many times is put on the back burner with all the holiday chaos. I am definently guilty of this, with all the holiday parties, making food, and shopping, the TRUE meaning can easily take second place.

I chatted on the phone today with one of my girlfriends who just lost her grandma. A grandma who she loved dearly and was really close with. She lived a full life into her nineties, which I think most of us would be happy with, but because she lived a full life doesn’t make it any easier right? Its hard to lose someone we love, we MISS them and can’t SEE, HEAR, or FEEL them anymore. Its devastating. I could feel the hurt in my friends voice as she already missed her grandma. She told me about how her weekly routine of visiting grandma with her children would not be happening anymore and it was going to take some time to get used to not seeing her anymore.

Then… we talked about how lucky we were to have our FAITH. Faith in God, we are so lucky he sent his SON here to this earth as a baby on Christmas Eve, lived here and then died a horrible death by crucifixion. All for us, to save us from our many sins so that we can live eternally in Heaven with our father. We both couldn’t imagine going through life thinking THATS IT, ITS OVER. This is why Christmas is so special, not because of the gifts, the food, the fancy decor. Its Jesus’s birth and because of it, his death which we are SAVED and that is something to be excited about!

Now lets start the tour

First lets enter through the front door.


The front door leads us straight into the dining room and stairway which is where we hang our stockings.


I found these cute little white trees at Target for only $8 a piece and placed them in boxes to hide the stands.


Loving this bread board to display apps for when we’re having company.



All the ornaments on these trees are actually holiday gift tags. They came in a pack of around 15 for $3. Its a great way to dress up a tree for inexpensive or if you like to switch it up from year to year and then you can recycle them as your actual gift tags for the following year.

Here’s the ones I chose which were all found at Target as well.


I mixed and matched different shaped large ornaments and tacked them to our ceiling using white string to hold them above our bar.


Now we are heading into the kitchen. I really didn’t go crazy in here with decor except for a wreath on my barn door pantry. I did add a basket above my stove though that I wanted to show you. I just screwed it into the wall. There was no hanger on it but you could do this with just about any basket.



I kept the island simple since we eat here alot, I wanted just a couple things that I could easily take off for when we set the table for our family dinners. I found this old tool box at a antique store and painted it with chalk paint, I also use this to for Birthday parties to write on.



So this year our lil family did what I never thought I would EVER convince my husband to do. That would be cutting down our own real live tree. I am so glad he agreed and we gave it a shot because it was such a fun day. The girls found the perfect tree and we hauled it away on our sled and tied it to the top of our vehicle. I don’t know if I can go back to fake now. The smell is amazing and I am really surprised at how easy it is to maintain and the needles really don’t shed all that much. Even with our practically three legged cat running under it!




I found these cute tins at Hobby Lobby in their clearance section. I moved them around a few times but they found their place under the tree to hold the smaller gifts. I will probably be putting them in Stephanie (our project house) after they have served their purpose  here.




I originally had this wreath on my barn door. It looked nice but was a little large for the door so it found its place here suction cupped to our large picture window in the dining room. I love how whimsical it feels with the white sticks and snowball garland.



The sticks are held up in these pots by lots of old magazine pages all balled up, probably five hundred million billion.


I bought this neutral JOY pillow at Target two years ago, there was nothing neutral about our old home. It was cheery and colorful and this pillow just couldn’t find a place there but I am glad I hung onto it.

Now we are going to venture to the back entry. This is one of my favorite Christmas trees of all time. I think its mainly because its paired with my fav Cavern Home wallpaper. Did I mention my mom found this tree for a steal at Goodwill? I just cut off part of the legs to fit it in the stand, well actually I didn’t know what to cut them with so I grabbed the nearest hammer. I must have looked like a nut job hammering a perfectly good tree. After some finagling it fit just right in a old black basket that I had.



Once again I used gift tags as some of the ornaments on this tree as well. I LOVE these ones from Target that are chalkboard.


I am not sure if I ever mentioned that I do hair but I have a salon in our house and do hair one day a week. I love it because I can choose my own hours and its really not like working because I am pretty much just chatting with my girlfriends since I have some pretty awesome clients.

In the salon is a nook that used to be where the washer and dryer was. We moved it upstairs since all our bedrooms are up there and I didn’t want dirty laundry cluttering up my salon. I turned this nook into a office space where we keep girls school papers and other fun stuff that I will eventually put in a office/craft room when we finish our basement off. I am also using this space for my wrapping ¬†supplies at the moment. I love this little nook.


Here is some pics of the salon with Christmas cheer.

I taped off the mirror and sprayed it gold, it used to be purple in my old salon. The desk was originally pink and I sprayed that a satin black. Its perfect for storing my tools.




This shelf is my fav. My mom found it for under $10 at the Restore, the sides were unpainted 2 by 4s and the shelves metal. Staining the wood turned it into a whole new beauty. I stained it with the stain color Early American which is my fav stain color right now. Its also the color of my barnwood dining table, sliding barn doors, and our kitchen island .

I added some antique candle holders, black and white pics, mercury glass lamp, and some greens to finish it off.


Happy Holidays friends and thanks for stopping by my first Christmas tour. Our family wishes you a blessed holiday season.

  1. Rebecca Hartel

    Heather- you never disappoint! Your house looks absolutely AMAZING. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. Can’t wait to see you Friday… HUGS xoxo

  2. Becky Holmes

    Can you tell me what brand of Early American stain you used? Thanks so much!! Love the shelf find in your Salon.

    • Heather VanderWal

      Its early american by Zar. I found it at a local hardware store here in Hudsonville. There is a picture of the can in this DIY chalk board post. It was the leftover stain from the shelf.

  3. Aunt Jujee

    I am soooo proud of you two! Love you Both

    • Heather VanderWal

      awe! Thanks Auntie Judy. love ya

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