Hello my name is Heather VanderWal! A year ago my husband JD and I bought a 40 year old home on 5 acres with 2 goats, 8 chickens and 6 cats. We also have two lil girls 6 and 8. This house has been a major PROJECT to say the least. We have remodeled the whole thing doing most of the work ourselves except for the plumbing and drywall and sliding barn doors. We finished the house in three and a half months working sun up to sun down.

After a year of settling into our new home we bought another booger and fixed her all up but this time to sell. We named her Stephanie, she is 86 and got a total makeover including ripping down all the plaster, all new windows, electrical, hvac, plumbing, paint, doors, pretty much everything. We just finished up and currently looking for our next PROJECT. 

Welcome to life on the Project.Farm