Back entry with my favorite wallpaper.

Our back entry was one of the last areas finished since we were constantly going in and out of the door to the garage. I love this space because It is a nice large back entry with lots of light. On the opposite wall from our garage door is another exterior door leading to our back deck. I love that it looks straight out to our large apple trees in the backyard. The girls are always going in and out of this door to feed our goats and chickens or play out in the backyard.

Here is the before… There was blue carpet which we ripped out, with wet boots I wanted something I could wipe clean. On the left side of the wall there is alot of hooks and a shelf which we took down.


 Before… on the right side of the room is a large oak cabinet. The door to the right of the cabinet is the door to my salon and the door to the left is the door to the backyard.


Here it is after a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets and of course some new hardware, gold pulls. I used the same color that I used on all of our interior and exterior doors like the one you see in the picture that used to be white. We now use this cabinet for our shoes, gloves and hats since it has many shelves.


 Here is a closer look at the gold pulls on the doors. As you can see we also added the same laminate flooring that goes through the rest of the home and a fun black and white rug to wipe off those boots.


 When I saw this wallpaper at I fell in love immediately. I just did the wall to the left since it was alittle pricey but totally worth the splurge. The left over I used on the fronts of our stairs.


  I made this coat hook from my girlfriends old drying rack she no longer had use for. I saw a picture on Pinterest of the paper with this coat hook and it was my inspiration. I will post a “how to” tutorial of the the coat hook in the near future.


I found this old bench at a antique store. Its a perfect place for the girls to sit while they put on their shoes.


 This bench is quite long and looked a little bare so I added some decor. I can change out the things in the metal bucket according to season which is fun.


Thanks again for visiting! I hope this wallpaper inspires you as much as it did me. 

Click HERE to see my Christmas tour of this space.


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