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We got a little bored at the end of Christmas break so the girls and I played some more with hair color. My oldest likes to do crazy hair colors like me so we decided to go for it on one of the last days of Christmas break.

So I feel like with these bright hair colors there is no rules except to not mix them all together. I absolutely love Pravana hair color for  when I play around with fun colors.

In the past I have been pink and orange, as well as dark green.

As you can see in the pic here, Keira has a thing for purple. This is 2 years ago though.


So pretty much we started out with 3 Pravana colors that I had left over from some of our previous colors. We used blue, violet and magenta.

Between the two of us we decided to do the purple at the roots, blue in the mid section, and magenta at the ends. I didn’t want to do a lighter color at her roots since they are more of a med/dark blonde or the magenta (pink) would look muddy and I didn’t want to put any bleach or permanent hair color on her beautiful long hair.


I started by dividing a small section at the nape of her hair and applying the violet just at the roots about three or four inches down.


We continued to do this all the way up the back of her head.


At the top where her part was in just a couple sections framing her face I only applied the purple a inch or two from her roots. We did this to keep the color inconsistent. I think its important to do this in certain spots to give the hair color demention.


You may need to foil those pieces while you go back to the nape of  the head to add your second color. I was just super careful at parting it so the purple didn’t bleed onto the rest.


Work your way up adding the blue but leaving three or four inches of the ends out. In the front we went little higher with the magenta.


Now You can add the third color which for us was magenta.


 After processing we were ready to rinse. We had some problems with the darker blue bleeding into the magenta since it was so much darker than the magenta and it overpowered it a bit, even after holding up the ends and washing them last. That blue will cover just about anything! Even with our blue bleeding a bit we were still happy with the way it turned out. It looks like something from another galaxy or even a mermaid, so fun! We are having fun braiding this, the colors are beautiful braided together.



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Don’t try this on your own. Results differ depending on your natural hair color. Make sure you always go to a professional. The Project Farm is not held responsible for any hair disasters;)

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