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Happy Monday my fellow project junkies! Now that we are all done with Stephanie, our PROJECT HOUSE #2  I had some time to finally take some pics of our oldest daughters room.

So if your new here at The Project Farm, let me get you up to date. My husband and I totally renovated a 40 year old home that sits on 5 acres in Michigan. Click HERE to check more of that out. Its a hobby farm with 2 goats, 6 cats, and 10 egg laying chickens. We love the simple country life!

After we finished our home we bought a 100 year old farmhouse that we completely renovated, I mean down to the studs renovation, we named her Stephanie. (click PROJECT HOUSE #2 in the first paragraph to see the pics) We are currently in the process of searching for the next lucky lady. When I say “lady” I mean house because it was getting little confusing with these houses and my sister in law Jennifer came up with the brilliant idea of naming the last one Stephanie.

My husband and I do most of the work ourselves on these homes which means our 2 little girls are not above taking a nap on a sub floor or grabbing tools to help us rip staples out of flooring.

Its a family affair.

We have even had my nephew’s water polo team come help us haul plaster out of the last one.

Many hands make a lighter load right?!

Now onto our oldest’s bedroom tour.

Here is the before of the room, a pic when we first toured through the house.


I have a slight sliding barn door obsession so we added that instead of the closet door and of course painted everything white. Let me tell you, this flower on the wall didn’t go down without a fight. We had many coats of paint to cover that.

The curtains in both the girls rooms were actually originally in the dining room. They were left with the house and I was glad. I love the simplicity of a sheer white curtain.


 This is the original dining room / den picture of the house. This is where I reused the curtains from. I just got rid of the lace valance.


 Here are the reused curtains without the lace valance.


The butterflies are where the the flower used to be.


I was in a bit of a World Market kick at the time of picking things out for the girls rooms. I found this light there and just had to have it! Its so feminine and fits her room perfectly with the natural bird wallpaper. It was a whopping g deal as well, although JD had to do some re-figuring because we had to shorten it more than it was meant to. It originally is a pendant light that is supposed to hang a bit lower.


Keiras night stand was in her old room at our last house. It used to be black, then pink, now white. lol

The lamp I found at a thrift store and bought a new shade for it. Thrift store lamps are my fave because they are very reasonably priced and unique.

You can usually spray paint them any color to completely update them. Just like this bed I just found on Craigslist for $25.  Keira told me she wanted Robins Egg blue, which I chuckled that she was well aware of that color at 8 years old. She helped me paint it one day after school in our barn.

This bed before was dark stained brown before. It amazes me what paint can do. Every time.


Nightstand knick knacks are fun right? I found this cute flower arrangement in the antique pea can at a local antique store. If you can find a antique can like this, you could totally put together your own. Even if it was just a galvanized can.  The mercury glass vase is where we throw all her lip glosses and spare loom bands that I find ALL OVER the floor.


These pillows I found all at World Market as well. They were on clearance. Luckily when you have wallpaper that has a lot of color in it you can just grab a bunch of pillows that have your colors in them and thrown them on the bed.

My husband still doesn’t understand the purpose of  ‘throw pillows’ which he is right because there is no purpose at all except this cute little tooth fairy pillow that is most definently, form and function, as for the rest they have no purpose except to be adorable, amazing, awesome, and cute.


This dresser I also found at a local antique store. Its great extra storage for shirts, pjs, pants. Plus we can display her jewelry on here cute butterfly jewelry organizer.




Rug, pouf, throw pillows, light, pink chair-World Market, Flooring-Lumber Liquidators, white throw blanket, lamps, dresser, antique store/goodwill, pictures, big K-Hobby Lobby, butterfly jewelry hanger, pillow shams, yellow bedspread-marshalls

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Plus tomorrow I will be posting a pic on Instagram of what her room looks like just one day after being cleaned because lets be honest. Kids rooms don’t always look like this…

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