Moving Day!

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Well hello friends, and happy Spring!

It has been a extra busy Spring time over here because we have been busy packing up boxes for our move this coming Monday. We sold our first flip (The Project Farm) to a nice family that will actually be our neighbors. We decided to split our 5 acres and build on the 2.5. When we first purchased The Project Farm  we had this plan in mind. We were going to live in our rv for the summer and be free spirit hippies while we build, but the sale of Stephanie (flip #2) fell through so we will be moving into there now instead of being super cool free spirit hippies. Its funny how life works. We were pretty bummed at first when the sale didn’t go through but God had different plans for us and now really thinking it through, it will be nice for us to actually have a home base, with a shower, washer and dryer. It also gives me the opportunity to actually stage Stephanie and tinker around in there a bit so she can be her full potential. Stephanie will be our 5th house that Jd and I have moved into. I never really get melancholy as we drive away from any of our previous homes, no tear is shed and I am usually onto the next. The Project Farm home is different for us though. It represents more than just a house. Through all the blood, sweat, and tears shed here and all the changes that have occurred in our lives the last couple years here, I have grown the most spiritually, emotionally, and just down right feel like a better human in general. Even our marriage has changed through all the demo, we got off to a pretty rough start when we first started tearing down walls here. Our communication was terrible and I remember just being exhausted in tears in our garage covered in installation. We were tired and it wasn’t going as quickly or smoothly as we anticipated. We finally sat down one day and decided we needed to do things differently, we needed to talk things through, ask for things nicely instead of barking orders or flipping out on one another. Our whole communication changed and it wasn’t just in demo it was in everyday life. Don’t get me wrong, its not rainbows, ponies, and unicorns all the time. I am just saying its better that it was, because of the trials, because of the hard work. This house is different for me because there has been so much personal growth, I have learned here the things in life that are most important, my priorities have been re directed  here, and through it all I have learned to trust in Gods direction here.

I am looking forward to our next venture of building, this is a whole new animal to us since we have only flipped/remodeled. Starting from the ground up is something so different for us. We are jazzed though and I can’t wait to share the progress.

I took some pics of some of the things I love the most about The Project Farm, it really is a beautiful lil spot.

The lilac’s in the Springtime are a for sure fav!


The apple trees in the winter


The apple trees in the Spring

 Doug and Donny, these guys are pretty hilarious.


 This wallpaper though, thanks for making such cool prints!


Taco is for sure a fav, thats why she will come with us to the next place.


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