Stephanies master bedroom/bath progress

I can’t wait to share with you some of the progress on the master bath of our current project home. We are just finishing up on pretty much the whole house. After a four month process we will have taken down and hauled out all plaster, all old flooring, 2 walls knocked down, 2 headers installed, house lifted, new footings, all the old electrical, plumbing, vents, windows, removed. All new electrical, hvac, plumbing, windows, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, toilets, sinks, showers and a tub, plumbing hardware and some new siding added. Pretty much its a new home with some old farmhouse charm. This is the funnest week ever for me because all the stuff I picked out awhile ago gets to finally go into the house. Today JD installed the bathroom mirrors which was pretty exciting for me!

So here is the master bathroom before, it actually used to be a really dark scary bedroom right next to the large master bedroom. Since there was only one bathroom in Stephanie I wanted to add a master suite area and like what we did in our own home HERE  this dark dreary bedroom was the perfect place to do it.

Here is the dungeon which used to be a bedroom next the master bedroom.


As you can see there is a drop ceiling in here where the ceiling tiles are all broken. Once we dug into this we found that the ceilings were actually another 2 ft taller above the drop ceiling so we ripped it all out along with the beams. To the left is a small closet that we ripped out, that is where the door to the master bedroom is now.

Here is a before the master bedroom

This was the front room that we had to lift a few inches and pour new footings.


Here is a pic of the master a couple weeks ago before carpet, outlet covers and a new ceiling fan/light, it also has all new drywall and windows.


So back to the bedroom turned master bath.

Here was the original door to the living room. After making the new door to the master bedroom, which is where the closet on the left is we framed in and then drywalled over the original door. I wanted to save the paneling so we used the paneling from the door we cut out to fill in the old door space, some wood calk, sanding and paint and you can’t tell that there ever used to be a door there.


Here it is now, Jd hung the mirrors today! I know I should have waited to do this blog post until the sinks and hardware where in and the floors weren’t covered but I just couldn’t wait. How cool did the dark panelling painted white turn out!!! I love it and feel like it still gives it that farmhouse flare.


Don’t mind the dusty mirrors, I haven’t yet done a final cleaning at Stephanie’s yet. Probably this week hopefully and then the staging begins!!! I found these mirrors at Hobby Lobby in the clearance section and was super jazzed. I think they go perfectly in this space, plus bonus, I didn’t have to paint them. The lights I wanted to do something different and found these three silver caged lights at Menards. Photo doesn’t do justice for the lights. I will get some better photos soon.



Here is the new shower, I am little envious myself as I don’t have this big of shower in my own home. I think it turned out beautiful, I found these tiles at Menards. I like how the floor tiles have some of the browns in them to match the brown wood floors throughout the rest of the house.


To the left of this shower is large linen cabinet for extra storage and then a door to the other half of the bedroom which is a large walk in closet with stackable washer and dryer hook up.

Stay tuned for more before and completely finished pics of Stephanie to come this and next week as we are just wrapping up.

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