There is a light at the end of the tunnel

I can’t be more excited to share some updates on our project house Stephanie! I am not going to chat your ear off today but  instead get right to some before and after pics which are the most exciting anyway right?

Here we go…

Remember this?


Then we tore down the wall between the staircase and hallway and added a header which is the beam on top. It adds support where the original wall was.


Now my fav! We are finally past the drywall stage and added a new modern farm style railing. I love the original little square window that we were able to keep too.


Now what color to paint this beauty? I am heading down the dark gray road. Thinking maybe the same as the exterior porch railing color.


This room has been one of the biggest transformations. Not to mention a back entry room dream for most woman. The number one thing most ladies that I have talked too would change about their home is to have a bigger more organized area for coats, backpacks, shoes ect.  This room originally had a washer and dryer right when you walked in. Yes convenient for when the kids come in with muddy clothes and you can throw them right in the washer but to have all your laundry laying around in the entry way isn’t convenient. We moved the laundry to the large walk in master closet which is what I have in my own home and love!

Not the greatest pic but as you can see there is a built in closet here. There was actually one on each side of the window. The door to the closet was actually stuck inside of this one an the one to the right side of the window didn’t close. We ripped those right out.


This is where the washer and dryer used to be, literally right when you walk in. Now it will be a great place to add some more coat hooks and maybe a cute chair to sit on while you tie your shoes.



Here is it with new built in lockers! There will be spots for backpacks, shoes on the bottom, baskets for mittens and hats on top. A place for everything.

Paint is what is going to make a world of a difference here. I think it is going to add so much character painting over the wood planking in this room. I have seen it done like THIS and it looks great!  I am going with a lighter gray on the walls and a darker gray for the actual lockers. I wanted to do something dark so it won’t show every dirty finger print. The floors are in this room and they are a beautiful planked barn wood laminate, Jd has them all taped off for paint! Hopefully those pics will be up shortly.


Thanks for checking in on Stephanie’s  progress!

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