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As you can see from my modern Christmas decor in my own home, click HERE to view, I am into the all white modern Christmas right now. There is still something about traditional Christmas decor that has my heart though. It never goes out of style and has a feeling of warm and cozy, as well as family and tradition.

We spent this weekend at my parents lake house celebrating Christmas with them and my siblings. We attended a kick ass Christmas celebration at their local church. (can you say kick ass and church in the same sentence? It seriously was amazing though, the only way I can describe it.) We had a slumber party, tons of amazing food, thanks to my chef of a brother who made us homemade pizzas that set us all into food coma.

I love spending time with family and am so thankful that we all have our health right now and can spend this time together making memories. We have been there when there is a sick family member and you don’t know if its going to be your last Christmas with that person or not,  I really feel for those families out there that are going through that this holiday season, its SO tough.

I also feel for those who are struggling with unemployment or a big career change. When you have no idea what the next Christmas will bring, and you and your childrens future is unknown, is a sure way to dampen that holiday spirit.

No matter what your going through this holiday season I hope you can find JOY in it through Christ, knowing HE was sent here to save us from eternal death. Now thats pretty KICK ASS!

While at my parents I snapped a few quick pics of her traditional Christmas decor to share with you. I mentioned in my Thanksgiving table post HERE that she goes all out with her holiday decorations and they totally gutted their house on Spring Lake. For those of you who are into more of a traditional than modern Christmas this is for you! Enjoy.

How fun is their nautical blue house. Unlike me who does everything white and black, my mom is into bright and cheerful colors. I love that there is so many different decorating styles that are so beautiful in their own way.

P.s. I appologize about the smaller size pics, I tried a different picture format. Due to the craziness of the holiday season I didn’t have time to configure them all.


A winter wonderland, although it looks like we might not be having a white Christmas here in Michigan.


I am obsessed with these trees in these old galvanized trash cans with the bows around them. Check out the big white jingle bells with the birch branches in the shorter can. In love!



So inviting, Love these red lanterns with the blue house.


Right when you walk in the front door you come into this adorable breezeway area. I love these tree stumps on the wall with the numbers. This would be a easy diy project if you wanted to fill some space for inexpensive.


I just can’t get over this piece! My mom stores a lot of their hats and gloves in this.


Look at the painted detail with the birch branch and the bird.


Also in the front breezeway is a coat closet which you can see the door below but above is space that is oh so inviting. Check out the galvanized tin with the greens.


Here is the hallway leading to the open kitchen, dining, and living space.




If you go the opposite way through these double doors it takes you to the office area as well as my brother and my families bedrooms.


Here is a quick pic of the office area.


Now back towards the living and kitchen area. This little desk area was a add-in to the house later. I like how it fills this empty space. The door you see goes to my parents master bed and bath.


This chair is one of my fav’s, of course, probably because its white.


Here we are in the living room. I wish I had a picture of the whole room but I decided to take pics after we opened gifts and it was a slight disaster. Its a large octagon that is the living area, kitchen and dining with large sliding doors that face the lake. It a beautiful spot to visit. Here is her tree, notice anything familiar? We obviously went shopping together and both fell in love with this black and white hounds tooth burlap ribbon we both wrapped around our trees.



Here is mine with the same ribbon, isn’t it cool how you can use the same thing and get two totally different styles from it? So fun.


Oh how I love this fireplace!





Here is the chandelier hanging over their kitchen island. I love how she intertwined greens in it and added a ornament hanging from it. Simple but festive.



Lets talk about her oven hood! I am sorry but I CANT EVEN. How cool is this?


I really like this red and dark gray together.


I didn’t get a picture of her dining area because the kids and my mom were making gingerbread houses while I was snapping pics but there is always next year. I am glad you stopped by to check out my traditional Christmas tour of my parents place. It a special place to our family. I hope you were were inspired! Merry Christmas.

The talent behind this beautiful space.


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