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Happy New year everyone! I wanted to post quick about my new ‘do’ for 2016! I just colored it yesterday and am so excited about my new hair color. As some of you may know I am a hairstylist. I have a salon in my home and I absolutely love it. I can work around my kids and husbands schedules as well as schedule my clients around meeting up with painters, carpet layers, etc at our project house we are working on right now.

So I was getting sick of my blonde. I had let my roots grow way out and it was starting too look like accidental ombre with my ashy natural brown and my super brassy blonde. It was a mess. With the holidays I didn’t have the time to touch up my roots so I pretty much wore a hat to every Christmas party. I knew I wanted to do something different, since I am a fan of crazy colored hair and its been awhile since I did a fun color I decided on gray this time. I know it sounds weird coloring your hair gray when most color over it, but this new pretty silver gray that is all the rage right now is super fun.

So here is what I had to do to bring my hair from this…

haha, don’t mind our photo bomber in the background.


To this.. don’t get me wrong. I love the blonde but sometimes a girl just needs a change, plus now Taco kitty and I match.


To get this what I did was a bleach wash using Olaplex to prevent damage to my extentions. I let it sit on my hair for about 15/20 min, except my dark roots, I left them dark. After I rinsed out the bleach I towel dried my hair really good and applied Redken Shades 9V, to tone some of my brassiness that is in my hair because we have well water.


 I rinsed out the 9V and dried my hair completely. In a bottle I mixed up 2 oz of 9B Shades, and 1 oz of 9P Shades.  In a mixing bowl I used 5NW Shades. First I applied the 5NW with a brush in sections starting with the bottom back section of my hair only brushing it onto my roots. You really have to eye it and use your own creativity to decide how low you want to go down with the brown. If I were to do it again I would go little lower.

After this was done I added the level 9 gray mixture to the rest of my hair using a bottle to apply it.  I used my fingers to blend the colors together and let it sit for 20 min and rinsed.

I originally would have used my fav Pravana in silver for the hair color but it was on back order. I would recommend that instead of the shades for the gray if its available to you.


Don’t try this on your own. Results differ depending on your natural hair color. Make sure you always go to a professional. The Project Farm is not held responsible for any hair disasters;)

hair color: Olaplaex and Redken Shades Eq Hairspray: Kenra Lipgloss: Smashbox  Lashes: Ardel demi whisp Foundaion/bb cream: Physicians Formula Organic wear in light/med Eyeshadow:  Urban Decay naked pallet 2, color chopper Bronzer: Tarte, park avenue princess Mascara: Loreal Voluminous in carbon black Shadow control cream: Beauticontrol Moisture: Daily moisturizing oil by Handcrafted Beauty Sweater: Forever 21 last year

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