Very simple holiday table decor

Hey there friends! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. It was a abnormally beautiful sunny day here in the Mitten compared to our usual snowy Christmas days. We usually have most of our family Christmas parties before Christmas so we always have the day to just our own lil family. We do the normal gift opening in the am, have a relaxing afternoon and then I start preparing for our annual Christmas dinner. We invite any of our great grandparents or aunts that don’t have anything on Christmas night as well as Jd and my parents.

I like to make this menu special as a appreciation type end of year dinner for our families and all they do for us. This year I was recommended a beef tenderloin by one of my hair clients, she raved about the Barefoot Contessa’s recipe for it. She wasn’t wrong, this was exceptional. HERE is the link if you would like to try it, she even has a video you can watch and it is super easy. P.S. If you have a Cosco membership I would buy your tenderloin from there, they have them trimmed which is alittle more pricey but SO worth it. I also would recommend making the sauce she makes with it. Along with the tenderloin I found THIS recipe for au gratin potatoes that was delish. I roasted some veggies and made these CANDY CANE MARTINIS. This is a great martini recipe if you are serving drinks for a large crowd because you make the mix in a pitcher and refrigerate until its ready to use then just pour them in a martini glass and throw a mini candy cane in it, Merry Christmas!  If you want a easy roll recipe and don’t want to have to wait for bread to rise THIS is one of our families fav’s. They have cheese in them which is amaze because everything is better with cheese right?

Because holiday season is crazy and busy and all that jazz I wanted to do something simple for my table decor this year. My oldest daughter and I set this table in about ten minutes.


I found these super cute live frosted ferns from Aldi that served as centerpieces as well as take home gifts for our guests. They were already wrapped in gold cellophane and I just added black twine around them.


These placemats I found at Target, they were 30% off this week and now are probably 50% since they are holiday decor but I will prob use these all the time. I also picked up these JOY napkins at Target. The gold chargers I bought from Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off. The gold dots of the table were in the party section of Target. Keira had fun sprinkling these on the table.


I was pretty excited because I got to wear my holiday jewels from my girls. They always ask me why I never wear the beautiful Christmas necklace they bought me for Christmas last year so of course I had to wear this beautiful piece! Love those two!


My husband asked for a banjo this year and I found one on Amazon and couldn’t wait to give it to him. He played little for us at the end of our night and our littlest fell asleep. I live for nights like this.


I hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas!

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